Lucia Rose, named after and in honor of the two opposing personalities of the mother (Lucia) and grandmother (Rose) of designer Megan Greco, was founded with love in 2016. 


The Toronto-based designer launched the project to express her adoration and fascination for fine art, culture and religion, popular culture and the vision of la dolce vita. 


Striking a balance between nostalgia and progress, Greco designs and creates each Lucia Rose piece using the idea of juxtaposition as inspiration through modern and traditional goldsmithing techniques. The collection is thought of for those who live romantically, traditionally, proactively, and powerfully. Those who embrace their inner Lucia: simple, sophisticated, and traditional, with their inner Rose: sexy, strong, and original.  


Each piece is thoughtfully imagined, researched and designed with functionality and longevity in mind. Lucia Rose is a collection of collectables that will endure the test of love, artistry, and time.